Anxiety- Inner child therapy

Having suffered from anxiety for many years, and tried other alternative therapies, I was recommended to John by a mindfulness therapist.  I found John very caring and courteous and very professional with my treatment in hypnosis for my anxiety where he recommended Inner Child Therapy which proved to be a success, and definitely helped me overcome my anxiety and also boosted my self-confidence massively.


Chronic Pain

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and was feeling very depressed due to constant pain, I decided to try some Hypnosis Therapy.  I found John’s professionalism as a hypnotherapist managed to reduce my level of pain making life a lot more bearable, which in turn increased my mental confidence to be able to face each day.


I made an appointment to see John as I was suffering from depression following a relationship breakdown.  Thankfully after a few sessions my feelings of worth returned, the depression lifted and I was able to get back on with my life.


I had smoked for a number of years; I had tried to give up several times unsuccessfully.  I decided to try hypnotherapy, I can highly recommend John as Cigarettes are now a thing of the past.